District Safeguarding Officer

The District Safeguarding Officer, Rev Gill Crippen, works 14 hours a week for the BEH District.  She also works part-time for the Northampton District as their Executive Officer for Safeguarding.  Gill aims to try and visit every circuit in the district once per year.  She regularly sends out information and updates to both circuit superintendents and circuit safeguarding officers from the Connexion, NSPCC, CCPAS, DBS, CAS, and government and local authorities.  She helps, gives advice, and offers consultation to a wide variety of personnel in the District.  She attends Connexional and regional events, and other professional meetings and training in order to keep abreast of safeguarding matters.  This is a requirement of the post and of registration in the social care profession.
Further information about the Past Cases Review, Safer Recruitment and DBS Requirements, and Creating Safer Space Foundation Module/Leadership Module can be found below.

Safeguarding: Recording of Information

It is important that all information relating to safeguarding is held securely.  The circuit safeguarding officers are responsible with the superintendents for ensuring that this is happening at both circuit and church level.  All incidents, accidents, and concerns must be written up and kept in a safe place.  If the statutory authorities are consulted regarding any such incident, this needs to be notified to the District Safeguarding Officer.  All contact with statutory authorities regarding concerns needs to be in writing with a copy to the district.

Safeguarding information is to be kept for 75 years, therefore it must be kept in the circuit and the safeguarding officer must know where any information is held and who has access to it.


Methodist Safeguarding Policy

The Methodist Church policy and practice 2010 safeguarding framework has now been replaced by the Methodist Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance 2017.  For further information about The Methodist Church safeguarding policy, please visit:

Please click on Methodist Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidance 2017 to download the pdf.


District Safeguarding Group

BEH now has a District Safeguarding Group, which consists of an independent Chair, the District Chair, the Synod Secretary, the District Safeguarding Officer, and the Co-ordinator of the DMLN network or his representative.  We will also look at adding expertise in such areas as police, probation, education, health, and legal issues.  The group is an advisory and monitoring group and meets at the District Office around 4 times a year.

Church House Safeguarding Team

The Church of England and The Methodist Church work together on safeguarding.  The Church of England  appointed a full-time national officer post, plus an enhanced staff team, in February 2014.  The Methodist Church appointed a full-time National Safeguarding Officer, Tim Carter, in October 2015.   Other members of the MCH safeguarding team include Marilia Rocha (full-time Safeguarding Team Co-ordinator), April Heard and Elaine Moore.  The working hours for Methodist Connexional Safeguarding are 9 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 is described the the Social Care Institute for Excellence as the most significant piece of legislation since the establishment of the welfare state.  It begins by defining the primary responsibility of local authorities as the promotion of individual wellbeing.  The Act, which came into force on 1 April 2015, places a number of duties on local authorities, such as to:
     *  establish and maintain an information and advice service;
     *  facilitate a diverse, vibrant and sustainable market for care and support
     *  promote integration with NHS and other key partners;
     *  carry out needs or carers' assessments where necessary, produce care and
         support plans and review them.

Adult safeguarding is, for the first time, spelt out in law, whereby local authorities must make enquiries if they believe an adult is, or is at risk of being abused or neglected.  They must establish a Safeguarding Adult Board (SAB), which will carry out safeguarding adult reviews (SARs) when people die as a result of abuse or neglect or where the local authority, or its partners, could have done more.

To find out more about the Care Act 2014, go to:


Safeguarding Concerns

If you have a safeguarding concern, firstly discuss it immediately with the minister in pastoral charge or the church safeguarding officer.  They will seek advice from the circuit superintendent and circuit safeguarding officer, and the District Safeguarding Officer will be consulted by e-mail unless urgent.  It is important that information is kept confidential in all safeguarding matters and information shared on a need to know basis only.  It is vitally important that all safeguarding information is recorded and kept safe.

The National Safeguarding Enquiry

Gill Crippen
Northampton & Beds, Essex & Herts Districts: Designated Executive Officer for Safeguarding
Gill’s email address for BEH District:

Sarah Sutherland, 23/01/2014