Grant funding information 2022 - 2023

Bob Butcher

The District Advance Fund (DAF)

Grants policy

Priority will be given to grant applications for new work, satisfying one or more of the following criteria:
  • Work with children, young people and those in the 25 to 40 age group
  • New ways of being church
  • Mission initiatives
  • Ecumenical initiatives
  • Community based initiatives, especially in areas of new housing development
  • Rural work
  • Development of property - up to 10% of the total cost of the scheme, with normally a maximum of £20,000, and with a clear strategy to reach new people:
  • to establish or maintain a Methodist presence
  • to expand into new geographical areas
  • where there are signs of, or potential for new growth
For schemes of over £100,000 that require a grant, normally a presentation should be made to the District Policy Committee following a recommendation from the District Grants Committee.

For non-property grants, an annual report will be called for and evaluated by the District Grants Committee before the release of subsequent grants.

We will continue to accept applications in letter form for requests up to £500.
Applications Timetable


The District Grants Committee meet three times per year. Applications to be considered at these meetings should be made on the District Grant Application Form and be sent to the Grants Secretary, Bob Butcher by:
  • 24 September 2022
  • 21 January 2023
  • 20 May 2023
This timetable allows time for queries and for circulation to committee members ahead of the meeting.

The Joseph Rank Trust

Full details and guidance can be found on the Joseph Rank Trust website.  Applications must be sent to Bob Butcher for consideration by the District Grants Committee and then a hard copy sent to the Synod Secretary.  Applications must NOT be sent direct to the Trust.  Please check the Trust website for details of application deadlines.

Connexional Grants


The purpose of awarding Connexional grant funding is to encourage new ideas in mission, the taking of risks, the development of capacity, leadership and infrastructure for mission and to support equality and diversity. Mission and evangelism are very central to the life, witness and service of the Methodist Church and will continue to be a major commitment of the Church and its resources in the years ahead. This grants programme should be seen in that context. 


Methodist Insurance Grants

Methodist Insurance Grants are awarded for building development, for mission, outreach and community benefit, with some demonstration of energy efficiency. Grants are not awarded for routine building maintenance.

Allchurches Trust 

Allchurches Trust is one of the largest grant-making charities in the UK. Funding priorities are building communities, helping people in need to flourish, growing churches spiritually and numerically. A new programme, Growing Livesawards grants of up to £25,000 to help churches to connect with children and young people and forge lasting links with families.  

National Churches Trust 

The National Churches Trust supports a wide variety of projects through grant programmes, helping to keep churches open for worship and community activities and allow them to continue serve people in all sorts of ways.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund

The National Lottery Heritage Fund helps people of all faiths and denominations to conserve, restore and make places of worship more available.  Projects funded include vital repairs, preserving architectural and historical features, researching the history of a building, helping congregations find additional uses for their buildings, providing new facilities, and creating new community spaces and social enterprises.

Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire District Training Grants 

Training grants will be considered on their merits for ministerial and lay training, that supports the mission of the Church and is not otherwise available through the Learning Network, by the District Grants Committee three times a year.  An application form may be downloaded here.

Manse Energy Performance Improvement

Consideration by the District Grants Committee will be given for a grant to improve the energy efficiency of the manse property occupied by a Presbyter or Deacon with matched funding by the circuit, unless it already possesses a 'C' rating.  Click for an application form.

Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire District Benevolence Fund

Applications from lay and ordained - please contact the District Chair.

London Mission Fund

These funds are allocated annually to the District and distributed via the District Grants Committee.

The Osborne Trust

This is a trust established for the use of Methodist churches in the 'ancient county of Essex', administered by Rev Doreen Hare at The Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ; e-mail: Rev Doreen Hare. Funding available for building and development work in particular. Applications are considered during the months of February, March, June, October and November.   Please click to download an application form for the Osborne Trust.

The Rock Trust

This Trust offers funding for residential courses and other youth activities within the former London North East boundaries. Please contact the District Office for information.  Please click to download an application form for the Rock Trust.

The Jean Richardson Fund

In the circuits formerly in the London North West District, to provide for exchange visits between young people in the UK and overseas.  Please contact Mr George Kulasingham, Treasurer of the London Methodist District, at

Application forms:

District Advance Fund

District Training Fund