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Worship: Leading & Preaching 


What is Worship: Leading & Preaching?

Worship: Leading & Preaching is the authorised training course for Worship Leaders and Local Preachers in the Methodist Church.  It is designed to equip us for mission and ministry in a changing world, and to embrace new ways of being a church, new technologies and innovative ways of learning.
We aim to enable people from all backgrounds to develop the understanding and the skills they need to lead worship and speak of God in ways that are relevant and appropriate.  Our calling as worship leaders and local preachers is to proclaim the love of God in Christ Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.
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Training as a Local Preacher

The process of formation and training for a local preacher is a comprehensive one, and takes place under the supervision of the Circuit Local Preachers' Meeting.  The development of skills and understanding through regular participation in leading worship is supplemented by a course of study known as Worship: Leading & Preaching.  This course blends online self-guided study with group work and is assessed through portfolios.
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Who can be a Worship Leader?

Worship leaders must be members of the Methodist Church, and are appointed to serve in this role within their local church.  The Church Council is responsible for accepting prospective worship leaders for training, providing them with opportunities to develop their skills and for appointing them to their role.  Worship leaders serve for a period of three years, following which their appointment can be renewed by their Church Council based on the recommendation of the local preachers’ meeting.
Since September 2015 the authorised training course for worship leaders has been Worship: Leading & Preaching.  Worship leaders study alongside local preachers on this course.
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Learning Network Regional Contact Information

Ann Howlett-Foster | Learning & Development Officer | Learning Network Eastern Region | 07799 900481 |
Stuart Watkin | Learning & Development Officer | Learning Network Eastern Region | 07825 669586 |

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