Creating Safer Space Modules


Creating Safer Space Foundation Module and Refresher

It is a requirement that all those who have a safeguarding role in church attend and complete this 2.5 hour course with an authorised trainer.  Please let Gill Crippen and the District Office know when there are any changes to circuit and church safeguarding officers.  Please can circuits also let us know when they are running courses as others may be interested in attending.

The CSS Foundation Module needs to be repeated every 4 years.  Foundation Module and Refresher training sessions are being arranged all the time in different circuits.  The Learning Network East of England Region and District Safeguarding Officer are running training events (see Learning Network East of England Region link below).

Creating Safer Space Advanced Module (CSS AM - formerly Leadership Module)

All ministers and circuit safeguarding officers are required to attend along with others in leadership positions.  It is a 6 hour course and will necessitate a day’s commitment to attend.   If you have not completed this one-day course, or are new to the post, please book yourself on to a course immediately (see Learning Network East of England Region link below).
The CSS AM handbooks are available free of charge from Methodist Publishing, postage payable, or as a download.  We will supply the handbooks at the training events.

For further information about CSS modules, please see
Please go to the Learning Network East of England Region site at for information about forthcoming CSS FM and AM training sessions.
Sarah Sutherland, 27/06/2019