Probationers' Group and Committee 

Revd Andrew Prout

adult-blur-book-2574616The District Probationers' Group comprising of myself as the District Probationers Secretary and all probationers who are stationed in the District meets every two months for mutual support and instruction. In the last year, subjects for discussion have included time spent looking at accountability and the ministerial code of conduct, reflections upon ordination, and ‘CPD’, and each probationer has presented in open session content relating to their Orientation (1st year) or Gospel in Context (2nd year) projects.

During 2018-19 we had two Year 2 Probationers and one Year 1 Probationer, each undertaking their academic studies including their Orientation and Gospel in Context projects through the Queen's Foundation in Birmingham. In February of this year all were present at the annual regional retreat for Probationers, which was held at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire, when the theme was ‘Ancient and Living Wells - Drawing on the Wells of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral’. 

In 2020 the retreat will again take place at Launde Abbey and be held between 24th and 27th February. The retreat is compulsory for all probationers and deemed to be an essential part of their formation.

The Probationers Committee is constituted under Methodist Standing Orders (SO 484) and consists of a combination of lay and ordained persons. It is chaired by the Chair of District and meets primarily in the February / March of each year to receive reports on probationers stationed, and to make recommendations in relation to their continuance and to proceed to ordination. In 2020 the Committee will be meeting on 20 February at Hoddesdon Methodist Church. Probationers should keep this day free and will need to attend with their Superintendent, their Supervisor (if different) and a Circuit Steward.