Church Community & Development

Church--Community-DevelopmWithin the District there is a significant amount of new housing development work underway. The planned expansion for the region is huge and the District is actively working to ensure that the church has a role to play within these new developments.


Revd. Dr Tony Barker works for the District as our Ecumenical Mission in New Communities Development Officer. His role has developed into a regional one with support from several denominations, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist. He works within the East Anglia District as well as BEH.


The work that Tony undertakes is in advising, assisting and working with local congregations in exploring options for these areas of new development. This works best when churches come together to support work in the new developments, as a result many of the projects are ecumenical onese drawing on the strengths of the church as a whole.

Tony has produced 'A Guide: The Church and New Communities' (February 2015), which summarises his work over the last eleven years.

Richard Armiger, 22/02/2008