Other Funds

BEH Benevolence Fund

Applications from lay and ordained - please contact the District Chair.

London Mission Fund

These funds are allocated annually to the District and distributed via the District Grants Committee.  Please note that the London Mission Fund no longer accepts donations; churches or circuits wishing to contribute to the fund should donate to the District Advance Fund.  Contact Bob Butcher.


The Osborne Trust

This is a trust established for the use of Methodist churches in the 'ancient county of Essex', administered by Rev Doreen Hare at The Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ; e-mail: Rev Doreen Hare.  Funding available for building and development work in particular.  Applications are considered during the months of February, March, June, October and November.  Please click for application form.

The Rock Trust

This Trust offers funding for residential courses and other youth activities within the former London North East boundaries.  Please contact the Secretary, Miss Kathy Burrell, for information.  Please click for application form.

The Jean Richardson Fund

In the circuits formerly in the London North West District, to provide for exchange visits between young people in the UK and overseas.  Please contact Mrs Hannah Roberts.

The Joseph Rank Trust

Full details and guidance can be found on the website at www.ranktrust.org/rank-trust-methodist-grants.htm.  Applications must be sent to Bob Butcher (at janicebobbutcher@gmail.com) for consideration by the District Grants Committee and then a hard copy sent to the Synod Secretary.  Applications must NOT be sent direct to the Trust.  Please check the Trust website for details of application deadlines.


Connexional Grants

Circuits and churches are encouraged to consider making applications for Connexional grants if they have an exciting and innovative project in mind that will help to develop the mission of God in Britain and will meet the Connexional grants criteria – see the website (link below).  Through Mission and Ministry grants, the Connexional Grants Committee (CGC) is looking to support projects that have potential, beyond grant funding, to support personnel in local situations to think about ways of making new disciples, of talking about faith and of reaching out to others in fresh ways of service and worship.  Such grants would be innovative, that would be of benefit to the wider connexion.

CGC supports projects and programmes that have a Connexion-wide impact.  Applications must support the stated Priorities of the Methodist Church and of the document Our Calling as well as the reflections on One Mission, clearly showing the work of God and the mission of the church at work in the world today.
Connexional grant applications are only considered twice a year, in March and October; see their website (link below) for the deadline dates.  The CGC will also, if there is sufficient budget remaining, accept smaller applications (up to £50,000) in June for a decision by mid-August.  Any applicant wishing to apply in June should contact the Grants Team at the end of May to find out whether there are still grant funds remaining.  It is advisable to submit applications early so the Grants Team can advise if more evidence is needed to enable stream members to assess applications.  The Grants Team are very happy to look at draft applications.
The District Property Secretary, Ian Hume, or the District Grants Secretary, Mr Bob Butcher, are available to assist in any way possible.
Further information from: www.methodist.org.uk/mission/connexional-grants.


Sarah Sutherland, 30/01/2014