Have you ever asked yourself that question and, if so, in what circumstances?  ‘Stop the world I want to get off’.  When did you last say, or think that, and why?  Times of significant difficulty and stress can lead to such questions and feelings.  Sometimes, it is simply a case of needing space in which to re-discover self.
Do you need to step back from busyness?
The strapline of our home-based retreat is, ‘A time to be’.  Retreats can be refreshing, life-affirming and encouraging.  Rather than being an escape from life and work, they can offer ways of drawing strength and re-discovering life’s meaning and purpose.
Ruach Retreat is a place to find space.  It offers the opportunity to rest and reflect.  It enables retreatants an opportunity to get in touch with themselves and discover a renewed sense of being loved by God.
So how about it?  Is it time for you to retreat?  Do you need to step back and be?
Find below details of what we offer at our retreat in North Wales.  Get in touch soon and plan a retreat experience that could set you up for a positive move forward.

Llys Gwynt is a mile off the A55, 50 miles from Chester, 4 miles west of Conwy and 10 miles east of Bangor.  It is set at the foot of the Sychnant Pass amid low hills and green pastures.  There are many walks from the cottage.
We offer various options for retreatants:

  • READING/STUDY RETREAT DAYS for an individual needing to find a quiet relaxing environment;
  • SHORT RESIDENTIAL RETREATS for an individual wanting 2 or 3 days away;
  • DAY RETREATS for groups of up to 10 people wanting to talk, study and pray.

Please email or phone for further details and to let us know your needs:
Email: or
Tel: 01492 622279

Sarah Sutherland, 23/03/2016