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(formerly Leadership Module)

Note: There is a requirement to attend the Foundation Module before attending this event.

This one day session will enable safeguarding officers, ministers, and other leaders in churches to develop a deeper understanding of their role and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and to develop confidence in carrying out this role.

People in the following roles are required to attend the Leadership Module training:
  • Circuit Safeguarding Co-ordinator;
  • District Safeguarding Officer;
  • Members of the District Safeguarding Group;
  • Members of the District Policy Committee;
  • All presbyters and deacons with an active preaching or pastoral ministry, including those supernumerary ministers who have pastoral care of a church;
  • Those who are in paid employment or a voluntary role which includes leadership within the Methodist Church, which involves direct work with children, youth, or adults;
  • Lay persons who are appointed to exercise pastoral leadership within a local church;
  • Local preachers;
  • Worship leaders;
  • Church Safeguarding Officers.

Others are warmly invited:
  • Supernumerary ministers apart from those who have pastoral care of a church.

By the end of the day, participants will:
  • understand their role and responsibilities;
  • appreciate the Church's commitment to safeguarding children, young people and adults, survivors of abuse, and people who may be a risk to others;
  • have sharpened their awareness of the Methodist Church policies and procedures on safeguarding;
  • know about routes for referrals;
  • have reflected on the challenges of the leadership role for the Church;
  • know where to find resources, further help and guidance within and beyond the Church.

Please bring a packed lunch to this event.  Hot drinks and light refreshments will be provided.
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