Healthy Circuits Handbook

Six district development enablers in the north of England have realised that, as they worked with circuits to discern the way forward in developing the Mapping a Way Forward: Regrouping for Mission Connexional initiative, they were coming across the same comments and challenges, as well as having the joys of sharing in hopes and dreams for the future. They were encouraged by the prayer offered up as the Church sought God’s guidance for this journey. Some people saw the fact that there was no “blueprint” that could be followed to be a difficult issue; others felt freed up to be creative in their thinking. So the Healthy Circuits Handbook was born and published as an A5 booklet on the Newcastle District website

This Healthy Circuits Handbook is designed not only as an aid to creative thinking, but also as a means for Circuits to evaluate themselves, in order to take steps on a regular basis to increase their health. It offers guidance on areas that need to be considered by circuits and provides examples of how this may be achieved.

A copy of the Handbook is attached below both in A4 format for easy viewing and in A5 booklet format for double-sided printing:
Healthy Circuits Handbook - A4 for easy viewing
Healthy Circuits Handbook - A5 booklet for double sided printing on A4 paper

If you would like to make use of the Heathy Circuits material and need someone to facilitate this for you then please contact David Friswell, DMLN East of England Regional Co-ordinator, at

Richard Armiger, 10/03/2012