Youth Participation Project Manager

Rachel QuinlanI am Rachel Quinlan and I recently started a new role as Youth Participation Project Manager for the South East area.  The Youth Participation Strategy is about engaging with young people and recognising them as equals within the body of Christ, providing them with opportunities to contribute and influence who we are as a church.  The Strategy also includes the One Programme, giving one young person in each district a gap-year opportunity to work for a church or project linked to the Methodist Church, tailored specifically for their development and empowering them to make a difference at a local level.  My role is to advocate and agitate for youth participation across the South East area, as well as managing the One Programme Participants.  This is an amazing project, summed up for me by a quote from one young person, who said “The YPS has made me feel proud to be a Methodist and has encouraged me to bring friends into the church”.   

My background has not always been in youth work.  I actually started out as a Civil Engineer, but decided that concrete wasn’t for me and that young people were ... so 11 years ago, I trained to be a Youth Worker.  I am passionate about giving people the chance to believe in themselves and in all they have to offer, so this job is an amazing opportunity for me to try and do some of that.   

Do contact me if you have any questions on 07929 503937, or

Thanks, Rachel